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Tokyo Cowboys 紹介


Tokyo Cowboysは代表クリスマッコームスが立ち上げた東京を活動の拠点とする映像制作チーム。







About Tokyo Cowboys


Tokyo Cowboys is a film production company based in Tokyo, Japan. It was created and is represented by Christopher McCombs.


We proudly aim to introduce Japanese culture to the West, and Western culture to Japan. 


Our team is made up of gifted individuals from all over the world, united by the desire to create high quality content, expand our personal skill sets and create boundless opportunities for each other. 


We have always had a strong focus on international communication and cross cultural exchange. By utilizing genres such as horror, musicals and comedy; we have also leveraged our works to present entertaining takes on societal issues, created unique worlds and established our own special brand. From this, we have gathered enthusiastic fans from all around the world. 


Every year we submit our works to numerous film festivals both inside Japan and internationally, from which we have been blessed to receive numerous awards. 




著作権 無断転載禁止について

本サイトにおいて掲載されているすべての内容の著作権、使用権は、Tokyo Cowboysに帰属するか、Tokyo Cowboysが著作権者より許諾を得て使用しているものです。


このため、Tokyo Cowboysおよび著作権者からの許可無く、掲載内容の一部およびすべてを複製、転載または配布、印刷など、第三者の利用に供することを禁止します。




Declaration of the Prohibition of Copyright Reproduction Without Permission


The copyright and usage rights of all content posted on this site belongs to Tokyo Cowboys, or are used exclusively by Tokyo Cowboys with permission from the copyright holder.


Beyond the scope which is explicitly permitted by copyright law, related laws, and treaties for non-commercial purposes, private use, etc., part or all of the content (text, images, videos, logos, etc.) posted on this site: reproduction, reprinting, transmission, broadcasting, distribution, lending, translation, sale, or alteration without prior permission will be considered as copyright infringement and therefore may be legally punished.


For this reason, it is prohibited to copy, reprint (in other publications), distribute, print (physical copies), or otherwise use a portion and/or all of the posted content on this site by/or for third parties, without the direct permission of Tokyo Cowboys and the copyright holder.


If you wish to utilize any of the works on this site, or if you have any inquiries regarding news, publishing and/or mass media, please contact us in advance at the email address listed below.



Tokyo Cowboys







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