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EXP: 3440/7250


HP: 0

MP: 225 ATTACK: 0 DEFENCE: 0 SPEED: 322 MAGIC: 666

A dead guy that used to work at a hardware store. Shows up when he has something to say. Disappears when he gets scared. Knows a lot about other dimensions.

Masahito Kawahata

Born in Kagoshima, and now based in Tokyo, actor Masahito Kawahata is one of the few bilingual improvisers in Japan. As a performer and producer for The Pirates of Tokyo Bay, Tokyo's only bilingual improv comedy group, he has been invited to perform in Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, and Kuala Lumpur. Acting credits include "The Crawler in the Dark," "Fists of Absinthe," "No Face," and this wonderful story of “The Benza”.

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