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[Declaration of the Prohibition of Copyright Reproduction Without Permission ] 


The copyright and usage rights of all content posted on this site belongs to Tokyo Cowboys, or are used exclusively by Tokyo Cowboys with permission from the copyright holder.

Beyond the scope which is explicitly permitted by copyright law, related laws, and treaties for non-commercial purposes, private use, etc., part or all of the content (text, images, videos, logos, etc.) posted on this site: reproduction, reprinting, transmission, broadcasting, distribution, lending, translation, sale, or alteration without prior permission will be considered as copyright infringement and therefore may be legally punished.

For this reason, it is prohibited to copy, reprint (in other publications), distribute, print (physical copies), or otherwise use a portion and/or all of the posted content on this site by/or for third parties, without the direct permission of Tokyo Cowboys and the copyright holder.

If you wish to utilize any of the works on this site, or if you have any inquiries regarding news, publishing and/or mass media, please contact us in advance at the email address listed below.

【 Group 】Tokyo Cowboys   

【 Representative 】Christopher Brian McCombs

【 Email 】

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