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The Benza Series 2

I’m not a particularly public person.

Yeah, yeah, I’m certain that’s coming off as kind of a ridiculous statement considering I work in entertainment and I’m on television in front of a couple of million people every day.

Having said that, I work very hard to keep my personal life personal and my private life private.

We live in an age where people want to know more, but I’m in a strange position. I’m contractually obligated to write less while simultaneously expected to put up pictures of my private life to tell more. If you don’t believe me, take a look at my social media. Opinions? Nope. Pictures and posts I’m contractually obligated to make? Yup!

If there’s something I want to say, I make a point to say it within my work. I’m fortunate enough to retain creative control of “The Benza” and I’m free to do and say whatever I want with it.

I know we’ve explained this several times, but “The Benza” and “Benza English” have little to no adlibbed dialog. It may seem like chaos, but to me each phrase and line has a meaning. Those lines are my social media posts. They’re me letting you know how I feel. My anger, my happiness, and my worries are all delivered to you via Inko Sensei, Alena, and Kyle. And Maria. Especially Maria. OH, Shayna too.

The world of “The Benza” and these characters are my way of preventing a phone call from my management in the morning asking me to delete a post I made before I went to bed.

What’s a not particularly public conflicted creator to do?

We compromise. After a very long break, I’ve decided to return to this blog. Don’t worry, I don’t have the time or the interest to keep at this for long! I’m going to be here up until the release of the show filling in some of the blanks. Once the show is released, I plan on returning to letting the show speak for itself.

Additionally, Wikipedia and other sites require my voice as the creator and producer of “The Benza” to speak in an official capacity in order to verify things. For my team, I am happy to do so.

Let’s fill in one of the blanks right away. I do not have the free time to translate this blog, write a book, finish writing “The Benza RPG” and start writing “The Benza” Series 3. I have asked Masahito Kawahata (Tamura) to handle the translation of this blog into Japanese for me.

In other words, if you find a mistake in the Japanese, please message Masa directly.

He will love that.



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