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Japan has many amazing film festivals but their home pages are mostly limited to Japanese.  If you can read the Japanese, most of the time they accept DVD or mail submissions only.  We have heard from many creators around the world who are interested in screening in Japan so we have decided to host Tokyo Cowboys Quarterly Film Festival.

Our goal is to bring quality short films from around the world to the international community living in Tokyo as well as the local Japanese community.  We are looking for both films with a strong social message as well as entertainment for the sake of entertainment!  We want to fit as many short films into a three hour block as possible so shorts up to 15 minutes and micro shorts are welcome!

Premiere status is not important but Tokyo premiere is preferred.  Films that are not viewable online will be given preference.

Every three months we will have one live screening event in Nakano, a hotbed of subculture and independent theater, located in the heart of Tokyo.  Our screening venue is a 90 seat theater located in Nakano Zero, a 5 minute walk from the station.  There are no online screenings to this event, but we will include the selected films titles and trailers on our home page.  

The day after the screening event, we will have a live broadcast announcement of the award winning films including Audience Choice!

We offer Japanese subtitling services to film makers who have been selected to be a part of the film festival for a nominal fee, but it is not mandatory to participate.  As an added bonus you will get a copy of your film subtitled in Japanese to use to submit to other Japanese film festivals and events.

Our team of international staff has a four year history of screening events in Tokyo and  we look forward to screening your short film and helping you introduce your work to a new audience!



世界中の多くのクリエーターが日本での上映に興味を持っているという声はたくさん聞きます。そこで、私たちはそんな声をもとに、Tokyo Cowboys Quarterly Film Festival を開催することにしました。






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