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EXP: 10440/11450


HP: 6999

MP: 212 ATTACK: 310 DEFENCE: 230 SPEED: 475 MAGIC: 250

A slightly sadistic game show host who magically shows up when Inko Sensei summons him. He's always got a trick up his sleeve.

Kousuke Imai

Originally from Kanagawa prefecture in japan, Kosuke began performing in 2003. He is well versed in stage and screen, and has won several best actor/best supporting actor awards for his comedic abilities. He is currently appearing in the Netflix series "Final Fantasy XI Father of Light" and continues to work in television, radio, commercial, movies, and narration.

Kosuke has appeared in Tokyo Cowboys films "Nopperabou," "Till Death," and "The Actor and the Model."

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