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The hit 2018 Japanese comedy short film “The Benza” is now a six-episode comedy series available for streaming on Amazon Prime via Prime Video Direct in the US, UK, Germany, Austria, and Japan!


Made by the Tokyo based independent production team Tokyo Cowboys, the first season was completed on a shoestring budget of 2,000,000 yen and is full of laughs.


The series itself has already gathered over a million views and is continuing to grow in popularity due to the support of the fan base.


“The Benza” is a just-for-laugh romp through modern Tokyo as two foreigners attempt to repair their broken toilet seat and wind up in the middle of an adventure to save the world. Producer and writer Christopher McCombs wanted to create a comedy that foreigners and Japanese could laugh at together and not feel like one or the other was being laughed at.


As a team, it is Tokyo Cowboys hope that “The Benza” can be a television show you can put on when you are feeling down and forget about your problems for a while.


We hope you will join us on this hyper realistic adventure.


​Awards for the short film "The Benza"

Winner!  Best Duo Christopher McCombs and Kyle Card Festigious 2018
Winner!  Best Rising Star Chris McCombs Seoul Webfest 2018
Winner!  Best Pilot Seoul Webfest 2018
Winner!  Audience Choice Award Motion For Pictures 2018
Winner!  Best Short Film Comedy World Network Int. Film Festival 2018
Winner!  Best Comedy MedFF 2018
Winner!  Best Picture Unko Film Festival 2018
Winner!  Best Comedy Asia South East-Short Film Festival 2018

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