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EXP: 256/41000


HP: 1320

MP: 212

ATTACK: 148 DEFENCE: 130 SPEED: 182 MAGIC: 114

A treasure hunter from Sweden. Yes, you read that correctly. She loves treasure, money, and adventures. Has a cool golden shovel. Don't mess with her.

Janni Olsson

Janni Olsson is a Swedish TV host, actress, model and outdoor writer. She is best known for her appearances on Japanese food and travel shows such as “Trails to Oishii Tokyo”, “Tokyo Eye 2020” and “At One with Nature, National Parks of Japan”.

Jannis' passion for the outdoors has resulted in her own columns in major outdoor magazines, such as BE-PAL and GARVY. Janni spends most of her time, both on and off set, in the great outdoors, earning her the nickname ”The Swedish Outdoor Girl” in Japanese media.

Janni also has thirteen years experience training Wing Chun (Chinese Kung Fu), and has taken wire action classes.

"Janni is based out of Tokyo Japan and is represented by Freewave Entertainment."

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