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EXP: 1130/1200

HP: 372

MP: 580 ATTACK: 127 DEFENCE: 135 SPEED: 142 MAGIC: 155

The host of a popular English learning television show called "Benza English." Don't let her smile fool you. She's tough when she needs to be!

Kaori Ikeda


Born and raised in Tokyo, Kaori began work as an actress in her 20's and has appeared in many television commercials, shows, and movies. She also frequently works as a radio personality, reporter, and narrator. Kaori won Best Actress for her work in the short film "Harikomi." Kaori is currently appearing as a series regular in TV Asahi's Kodawari Navi, as well as playing Kaori in "The Benza" spin-off series "Benza English."

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