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EXP: 513/1300

HP: 710

MP: 240

ATTACK: 160 DEFENCE: 190 SPEED: 156 MAGIC: 132

Lives with Chris in Higashi Nakano. Canadian. Brave as they come, but easily tempted. He might be The Chosen One, but then again he might not.

Kyle Card

Kyle was born and raised in British Columbia Canada. From a young age Kyle has had a keen interest in Japanese culture which led him to study the language in university and participate in an exchange program in Tokyo. After graduating, Kyle returned to Japan to pursue a career in entertainment.
Since then he has held regular roles on popular Japanese TV shows "Goji ni Muchuu" on Tokyo MX, "EiEi Go!" on NHK, as well as reoccurring reporter roles on NHK World programs "Journeys in Japan" and "Trails to Tsukiji" which are broadcasted internationally.
In addition to various print and commercial ads including "Rizap", "Pringles" and "BioreU Hand Gel", Kyle has also appeared in the Japanese films "Eien no Zero", and "Vancouver Asahi".
Kyle plans to continue and further his career in Japan, eventually expanding internationally.
Kyle is represented by Remix.

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