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EXP: 1130/1200


HP: 372

MP: 580 ATTACK: 127 DEFENCE: 135 SPEED: 142 MAGIC: 155

A student at Chris and Kyle's Japanese school. Loves the color pink, shiny accessories, manga, and above all else Sailor Moon. Very eager to fight crime.

Hannah Grace

Hannah Grace is an American-born, Tokyo-based singer, actress, and voice artist best known for her role as “Miss Scott” in NHK’s 2014 asadorama Hanako to Anne.

A classically trained theatrical actress, Hannah made her professional musical theatre debut at the age of 16 in the role of Sister Leo in Nunsense. Her Japanese television appearances include roles in Hanako to Anne, Segodon, Ei Ei Go, Pre-kiso Eigo: Sushitown (English/Japanese voices plus actual appearance), Historia: Around the World in 80 days, and Woman on the Planet as herself. Film appearances include Nagai o Wakare, Readings and Equals by Scott Free productions.

She toured for four years in Japan with “Disney’s World of English: World Family Club English Carnival” musical theatrical show. She also appeared in the first English Carnival production in South Korea for Disney’s World of English.

Her voice has been featured in commercials in Japan and abroad for companies such as Uniqlo, Unicharm, and Aquabeads. She is the English voice of the character Aqua Bomber in Super BombermanR as well as lending her voice to other video games such as Hooked On!, Bright Memory, Age of Empires, A-Hook (Fit Boxing), and Project Scissors: Nightcry (Suuuuuuuper proud of that one).

She is a regular narrator and voice actress for NHK-world on various programs, such as 72 Hours, Hometown Stories, NHK Close Up, and NHK Special Program: COVID-19: Fighting a Pandemic. That’s right. That viral video you saw of that experiment with the Japanese man sneezing nastily that convinced you to wear a mask…? That sonorous lady voice in the background? Yup… that was Hannah. Stephanie is the Voice Of Corona.

Her voice can be heard every week as the studio partner on the NHK Educational radio show Koukousei kara Hajimeru Gendai Eigo. She has also recorded more English educational companion CDs to English learning textbooks than she could possibly count.

Hannah is active in the Tokyo English language theatre community, having done shows with Tokyo International Players (The oldest active English Language theatre company in East Asia), SayNothing Productions, and Black Stripe Theatre. She served on the Board of Governors for Tokyo International Players for four years and has directed two productions for them: the play Night Must Fall By Emlyn Williams and the musical Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by William Hauptman and Roger Miller.

Some of her onstage credits include: “The Witch” Into the Woods, “The Baroness” Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, “Woman One” Songs for a New World, “Jo” Little Women, “Inez” No Exit, and “Abigail” The Crucible.

She was recently cast as Ella (i.e. Cinderella) in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical adaptation of Cinderella, but unfortunately a global pandemic delayed the ball until 2021.

The Benza is the first opportunity she has had to step out of her Educational/Period Drama/Benevolent-Teacher persona on Japanese TV and Film to do something completely different, and she loves every minute of it.

She has a fledgling youtube account, “RedHeadedCinderella” on which she vlogs about being an actress in Japan and sings duets remotely with her younger brother in Kentucky.

Follow her on instagram where she posts pictures of her having tea parties dressed as a princess and eating scones: hannahgjyoyu

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