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Naoya Gomoto Ryosuke 郷本直也
Naoya Gomoto Ryosuke 2 郷本直也
Naoya Gomoto Ryosuke 3 郷本直也 Aichaku


An employee at Nobu’s construction company and a co-worker of Ken’s.  Has a complicated work relationship with Ken as he is also dating Ryosuke’s sister Kumi.

Naoya Gomoto as Ryosuke


Naoya Gomoto is a Japanese actor born on April 25, 1980 in Osaka, Japan. He is best known for the role of Kaoru Kaidoh in The Prince of Tennis musical series (Tenimyu) and for his performances as Shūhei Hisagi in Rock Musical Bleach and as Seijuro Shin in Eyeshield 21. Gomoto reprised his role as Kaidoh alongside the first Seigaku cast in Tenimyu's Dream Live 7th concert, marking the end of the series' first season.




郷本直也(ゴウモト ナオヤ) 俳優。1980年4月25日生まれ、大阪府出身。
最近の主な出演作は、舞台『いとしの儚』、『ヒプノシスマイク -Division Rap Battle-』Rule the Stage、ミュージカル『るろうに剣心 京都編』など。

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