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Getting Dirty in Japan


From the award winning team Tokyo Cowboys, comes the outdoor documentary series, “Getting Dirty in Japan”. 


Join Swedish TV host Janni Olsson and the Tokyo Cowboys team on their adventures around Japan. Intentionally avoiding the more well known tourist spots, Janni and her team chase down a list of her personal outdoor dreams.


While being full of adrenaline pumping adventures, it is also an intimate series full of campfire talks and stories over delicious traditional Swedish treats. 


Join us for an outdoor adventure and discover an outdoor dream of your own.






Janni Olsson


Janni Olsson is a Swedish TV host, outdoor writer and award winning actress. She spends most of her time - both on and off set - out in nature, earning her the nickname ”The Swedish Outdoor Girl” in Japanese media. She is often seen on Japan's international TV station “NHK World”, where viewers get to follow along on Janni’s many adventures up into the Japanese mountains, out to sea and around the Japanese countryside. 

Janni writes regularly for Japanese outdoor magazines, both about the Japanese and the Scandinavian outdoor scene, pulling on her years of outdoor experiences growing up in Sweden.


Janni is currently based in Tokyo Japan, and is represented by Freewave Entertainment.

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Christopher McCombs
American born print/catalog model and actor, Chris has been performing since the age of 15. He has appeared in various commercials, magazines, music videos including Namie Amuro and DJ Makidai, as well as television dramas.

He recently appeared in Netflix's original series "Followers" and the movie "Miracleデビくろくんの恋と魔法".  He is presently starring in TV Asahi's "Kodawari Navi", NHK1's "Bento Expo" as well as NHK Educational's "Onishi Hiroto’s Basic English Recipe".

Chris is currently based in Tokyo Japan and is represented by Freewave Entertainment.


Haku Inko
Haku hails from Shizuoka in Japan is began working as a swimsuit model and idol from the age of 30. She currently works as an actress, prowrestler, comedian, and live entertainer. It is her dream to continue pushing herself as an actress and appearing in many different genres and mediums.


Raito Nishizaka
Raito Nishizaka was born in 1985 in Fukushima, Japan. He studied film at Nikkatsu Visual Arts Academy. While studying he began working on a short film called "Like Back Then" that was an official selection for the West Tokyo Film Festival. Raito currently works freelance for several Japanese film and television productions while making "The Benza".


Michael Williams
Michael Williams was born in 1990 in England. He studied film at Birmingham City University. He moved to Japan in 2015. During his time in Japan, he has worked on multiple short film and TV projects, including “One Step” and “I Just Wanted to See You”. Both of which went on to receive multiple festival screenings and award wins.

Hosted by 
Janni Olsson

Executive Producer 
Christopher McCombs

Janni Olsson, Haku Inko 

Associate Producer 
Masahito Kawahata

Directed by 
Raito Nishizaka, Michael Williams

Assistant Director 
Takeshi Spada

Video Editor 
Raito Nishizaka, Michael Williams

Graphics and colorist 
Raito Nishizaka

Hair & Makeup 
Hanako Ishii, Kaori Mori

        Presented by Tokyo Cowboys



episode 1.png

Episode 1
Getting Started

Janni tries river fishing in Yamanashi and enjoys an evening kayak tour in Tokyo.





Waiting to be seenTakahiro Nomiya
00:00 / 00:35

 Waiting to be seen


 Music by Takahiro Nomiya

 Lyrics by Christopher McCombs 

 Performed by Takahiro Nomiya




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