For people who don't usually play role playing games (or RPGs), being thrust into Higashi Nakano can be a bit confusing. Your time in "The Benza RPG" will be divided between four different primary activities.


From the lovable Bob to the sharp tongued Shayna, all of your favorite characters from "The Benza" and "Benza English" are waiting to give you clues to what you should do and how you should play the game.

The School

Your classmates are waiting to give you advice about strategy in battle. Talk to them when ever you get a new companion for help on how to use them properly.

Noguchi's Cafe

A popular cafe in Higashi Nakano, you never know who's going to turn up!


Inside of the Japanese school, a surprisingly large maze awaits you. As you explore the maze, you will be attacked by monsters, encounter puzzles, and find treasure!

The Library

Traps and puzzles await you as you try to follow David and solve the mystery of why he is acting so strange.

The Moon Temple

Wait, what? Why is there a Moon Temple in the Japanese school? What is happening in this game?


As you explore Higashi Nakano, you'll find money, items, weapon, and armor. Use the money to upgrade your equipment at various shops you can find in the city. Make sure to equip your weapons and armor after purchasing them!


You can buy all kinds of different healing items here!

Battle Arena

Fight your way to the end to win prizes that can't be found in any store! Who's your opponent you say? Only one way to find out!


Inko Sensei and her shadow minions await you around every corner. Each character on the battle screen's turn order is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Make sure to keep your eyes on everyone's HP, MP, and TP as you decide how to use your turn!


Each of Chris and Kyle's companions has different strengths and weaknesses. Stephanie has strong magic but is weak to attacks. David has punishing debuffs that use TP, but little magic. Companions can be switched out once a turn, so make sure to bring in the right character for the situation.

Skills and Magic

Skills and Magic Each character has different skills that they can use in battle. From healing magic to damaging weapon skills, there are over 100 to choose from!