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観覧車 the wheel

STORY 5 - The Daughter

A foggy Odaiba evening is the backdrop for a tense first meeting between a 17 year old young woman and her 33 year old father.

Confined in a Ferris wheel for 16 minutes with nothing to do other than talk, the two are forced to face their past as well as their future.  







不似合いな二人が語り合う事で生まれる、 虚勢、誤解。


Directed by Tomori Tsubasa
Filmed by Tomori Tsubasa
Edited by Tomori Tsubasa
Sound Editing by Chiaki Kawahito
Story by Christopher McCombs

クリスマッコームス chris mccombs


chris mccombs クリス マッコームス

Christopher McCombs

American born print/catalog model and actor, Chris has been performing since the age of 15. He has appeared in various commercials, magazines, music videos including Namie Amuro and DJ Makidai, as well as television dramas. He recently starred in NDJC 2012 short film "The Secret Keeper" and "Miracleデビくろくんの恋と魔法". He also appeared as a regular on Tokyo MX’s Gojinimuchuu and NHK's "Eiei Go." He is presently starring in TV Asahi's "Kodawari Navi."
Chris is currently based in Tokyo Japan and is represented by Freewave Entertainment.

ブライアン (クリス・マッコームス)
アメリカ ラスベガス出身のモデル・俳優。15歳で俳優デビューを遂げ、17歳からはモデル業を開始。ラスベガス、ロサンゼルス、シカゴ、クリーブランドなど各地でモデルとして活動する。28歳の時に来日し、数多くのCM、雑誌、MV(DJ Makidai, 安室奈美恵 等)、テレビドラマ(世にも奇妙な物語 等)に出演。現在テレビ朝日の「こだわりナビ」にレギュラー出演。NDJC2012のショートフィルム「カサブランカの探偵」で主役、映画「MIRACLEデビクロくんの恋と魔法」に出演。現在は株式会社フリー・ウェーブ専属モデルとして活動中。

Miki Clark

Born and raised in Japan, Miki is half Japanese half American.  She began her career as a model and started working professionally in entertainment after finishing high school as a fashion/print model, commercial actress, and stage actress..  Currently she is working with NHK and starring in Benesse's live stage show "Benesse English Concert For Kids."  She also makes her own costumes and has a popular Youtube/Instagram series featuring her work.

東京生まれで日本とアメリカのミックス。幼少期はキッズモデルからスタートし、高校卒業から本格的に芸能活動を始める。衣装を作るのが得意で、インスタグラムやYouTubeでその様子などを配信している。「NHK高校講座ベーシック英語」「Benesse English Concert For Kids」「NHK world もしもしニッポン ナレーション」「ゆうちょ銀行 ナレーション」その他CM、雑誌、テレビ番組など幅広いジャンルで活躍。

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